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Thermo gluing machine (hot glue)

Used for applying the hot glue. The operator manually feeds the sheets into the work area. Hot glue is applied by lubricating the rollers from the basin.

An adhesive cushion is formed on the shafts, which ensures the uniform distribution of glue on the shaft. All shafts are made of stainless steel.

Adjustment of applied glue thickness is carried out by means of lateral bolts.

The gluing machine is used for large, small and medium-sized formats of cardboard works, lamination of packaging cardboard with printed sheets, and in the production of binding covers.

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Gluing machine (cold glue)

Used to apply cold glue. The operator manually feeds the sheets into the working area and the cold water-based glue is fed from a container attached to the top of the rolls.

A glue pad is formed on the rollers, which ensures a uniform distribution of the glue on the glue roller.

The glue roll uniforms the glue to the work surface in an even layer.

This method of glue applying allows to regulate the layer of glue on the working surface, and also delivers it without lumps and inclusions. All shafts are made of stainless steel.

Reviews and declarations of quality

The equipment has certificates of the Eurasian Economic Union
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